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Thread: Prejudice, Plain and Simple

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    Prejudice, Plain and Simple

    Hannity: Michelle Obama's divorced dad comment 'insulting'

    Did former first lady Michelle Obama mean to demean divorced fathers?

    Obama, in an interview with late-night host Stephen Colbert, compared America to a teenager and life under President Trump to living with a divorced father.

    “Sometimes you spend the weekend with a divorced dad. That feels like fun but then you get sick," Obama told Colbert. "That is what America is going through. We’re kind of living with divorced dad.”

    Fox News’ Sean Hannity said Tuesday that Obama's comments were "demeaning and insulting."

    Hannity was upset with the characterization and discussed it with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera and Tammy Bruce.

    Rivera agreed with Hannity that the comments were “demeaning and insulting” but called the comments a “rare misstep.”

    “She's equating, she's reduced us to a sexist stereotype with a bad parent who gives candy and lets the kids watch too much TV because we have a guilty conscience about the breakup of the marriage. I think it's a rare misstep though Sean, in fairness,” Rivera said.

    “No passes here on that,” Hannity said.

    Bruce called out Obama for using gender stereotypes and not only insulting to divorced fathers but women as well.

    “The problem here is it's not just insulting to men and for every woman and man out in that audience who didn't quite know why she was insulting them but it relies also on the other side of the coin which is the gender stereotype of women that all women are supposed to be either great mothers or only women can raise children or only women can be good parents,” Bruce said.
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    I'm a divorced dad and I find this not only demeaning but a sickness that needs to be up-rooted. I was a victim of this kind of thinking on the part of the female social worker who interviewed my ex-wife, my children and myself. My ex-wife is a psychopath and the social worker not only failed to spot the tell-tale signs but believed everything my ex-wife told her, most of which were pure fiction; while not taking anything that I told her at face-value or even placing any value at all upon my testimony. After almost five years of having my children living with me the court (because of the social worker's estimation of my character, mostly) the judge decided to give the children to my ex-wife. It's a huge mis-carriage of justice and I was devastated. -- Aimiel
    "That man of sin must first be revealed." -- Jesus

    If you haven't tried: you've already failed. -- Aimiel

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    First, I am sorry about the situation with your children. If possible, I would challenge the decision and the children’s input should matter.

    Having said that, I don’t think the intention was to slam dad’s in general but wording it “noncustodial” parent would have been better. My take (as the parent granted sole physical custody) is that noncustodial parents offer a reprieve from the everyday routine. Based on the description of your ex, she may have bitten off more than she can chew.
    Power is neither good nor evil. It just is. It's what people do with power that matters.
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    when my ex deserted us, i took on the role of primary care-giver for my two boys

    michelle obama is an idiot who deserves to be ignored

    it's looking increasingly likely that she'll be called to account for her role in the Jussie Smollet controversey

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