According to Reformed Theology people are fated to eternal life prior to them being born and without regard to their faith, being predestined as unbelievers to go to heaven. Such people are born eternally secure and thus "saved" insomuch as they are fated to eternal life and nothing in this life can change that destiny. Thus logically Reformed Theology is saying that salvation is unconditional. For since they believe in Unconditional Election, and since the elect will go to heaven, a person born elect is never in danger of going to hell. Thus logically they are saved from birth through God's Unconditional Election. (Much as this all logically follows the postulations of Reformed Theology, it may not be something that those of a Reformed Theology agree with, as many of them simply don't exercise rational thinking)

Now since according to scripture salvation is contingent upon faith, I would say that such Reformed Theology is a denial of the gospel.