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Thread: The true God no one can deny

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    Cool The true God no one can deny

    The true God no one can deny
    Put yourself in a hypothetical frame of mine for just a moment
    Imagine what humans would be like 2,000 years from today
    Imagine we now travel the stars seeing what there is to see
    Imagine we travel thru a galaxy and see a lifeless planet
    A planet with air
    A planet with water
    A planet with mountains
    A planet with valleys
    A planet with no life to be found

    You decide to put some life where none could be seen
    A seed to grow into a future un seen
    Imagine 1,000 years later you return
    Imagine you see life much like your own
    What do you do?
    Whisper some advice into their ear?
    Give them a helping hand?
    Imagine what you see is not what you intended it to be
    God, if you hear me, we deserve a second chance
    Wipe the slate clean?
    Start it all over again?
    He is back deciding our future
    What do we do--?

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    I’m not really sure I get where you’re going with this OP, but I can say that we look back in history two thousand years ago, see what people were like and compare them to us today. Physiologically, we are the same.

    Cognitively we are much different and our technology is off the charts. In two thousand years, considering the technological trend, I’d say your right. We will travel the stars. We may even know how to travel through time.
    Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same.

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