Reviewing Unplanned and Abby, Maddow & Хиллари

This is the show from Monday, April 1st, 2019



* BEL News Briefs:
- Jeff Bezos and Amazon selling pre-teen sex toys
- the other Mr. Creepy touchy and smelly Joe Biden
- an insect repellant called dubstep music
- MSNBC's post-Russia stupid-looking Rachel Maddow
- Hillary Clinton's post-election loss book, What Happened?
- Michael Behe, author of 2019's biggest anti-evolution book so far, Darwin Devolves, coming to RSR
- Bob, Cheryl, and son Dominic headed to Texas for Tom Healey's funeral and to then spend a couple days with the great ICR scientists!

* Jason Jones, Abby Johnson, & Unplanned: Bob thanks Jason Jones, the speaker from Saturday's Students for Life annual gala, who then preached the next morning, yesterday, at Denver Bible Church! Bob also gives a raving film review of the Abby Johnson movie Unplanned, along with important caveats and his French underground analogy of Abby and General Eisenhower. And speaking of Jason, here's the great promo he just put together of Friday...

* Creepies: Rachel Madcow, Joe Biden and (worse than creepy)Jeff Bezos...


* Leaving the Theater: See Bob's terrible photo, above, leaving the theater after Unplanned. The MPAA motion picture association is trying to torpedo the anti-abortion film Unplanned by giving it an R rating. (Showing a kidney being removed wouldn't earn a film such a family-audience-killing rating. They know it's a baby! Btw, they also gave an R rating to our friend Dr. Patrick Johnston's film The Reliant starring Kevin Sorbo, Brian Bosworth, Eric Roberts, and the Benham Brothers.) Unplanned tells the incredible story of Abby Johnson's escape from the abortion industry.