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Being saved by grace does not prove OSAS.
Without God's grace, men could not be saved.
There is no work that can merit that initial grace from God.
Men can reject God's grace, however.
There are warnings throughout all of Scripture regarding this.
Men can also fall away from the faith...
Well, at least YOU have believed God's revelation of Truth as presented clearly in the NT.

N.A. churches are fast asleep ... and mostly believe in ANTINOMIANISM
(grace-only, hyper-grace, etc.) ... which is from the very pits of hell.
This doctrine teaches that believers, after they have been born-again,
have NO part to play in their salvation (no co-operation, no obedience, etc.).

Yes, the NT is absolutely filled with warnings about "believers" who are NOT saved.

My #1 favorite of all of them is Revelation 21:7-8.
Please note the 3 distinct groups: cowards, unbelievers, habitual sinners.

The cowards and the habitual unrepentant sinners are
believers who are NOT in the unbelieving group.

The cowardly group includes:
-- believers who are afraid to proclaim their belief
-- believers who fall away during Christian persecution
-- believers who submit to taking the mark of the beast