We'll give Dave from Greeley a half hour to cut that out...

This is the show from Monday, March 11th, 2019


So, it turns out that now Mark Geragos is representing the homosexual Jussie Smollett who paid $3,000 to have himself beat up. Our producer digs out of the archives from a decade ago Bob Enyart's comment that Geragos only represents people who are guilty, so that if you want everyone to know that you're guilty, hire him. Bob also discusses briefly our fun and important video The Trouble with Lawyers and wonders, as others have, why pay to be roughed up in Chicago when you can just walk down the street and get beat up for free. Meanwhile, Dave from Greeley calls to thank Bob for being the kind of pastor that has the biblical wisdom to challenge perverts like (the late) Michael Jackson, and to challenge both the fans and defense attorneys who make children far more vulnerable to sexual assault by their defense of such an overt child abuser. Bob also plugs tomorrow's scheduled interview with filmmaker Tim Mahoney and his Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy, showing on 900 screens across America this Thursday, Saturday and next Tuesday! And it turns out that the Henry Morris creation group ICR plugged RSR! Bob reads the lead paragraph from the cover story of their March 2019 Acts & Facts written by Brian Thomas which links to our tiny.cc/bflist phenomenally perfect biomaterial fossil list online as a Google docs spreadsheet. And finally, Bob plugs an upcoming interview with the former New York abortionist Anthony Levatino who's powerful congressional testimony we aired in February.