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Thread: BOUGHT OFF: Why You Donít Hear About

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    BOUGHT OFF: Why You Donít Hear About

    Low-Cost Natural Remedies In The News
    By Bill Sardi
    February 11, 2019

    America is bought off at every level: government, news media, medical journals, doctors. And yet people plead for more of the same. We now hear the call for ďMedicare for allĒ as we slide into the alligator pit we call modern medicine. Want to get well? Turn off the television set. Go for a midday walk and get some sunshine vitamin D. Buy fresh foods at farmerís markets. Throw your drugs out the window and those tin foil TV dinners too! Familiarize yourself with vitamin and dietary supplements. Fire your doctor. Find natural alternatives to drugs. Donít be so gullible (gullible is derived from the verb ďto swallowĒ). Certainly modern medicine is the most bitter pill to swallow. Here are the words used to describe people who are easily tricked: dupe, sucker, chump, sap, sitting duck. Donít be any of these. Oh, I can hear you now. ďBut my doctor is a Mayo Clinic trained physician and he said if I stop taking these pillsÖÖ Ē Lordy.

    Modern medicine spreads fear, which overcomes reason. It is their tactic.

    If you havenít the nerve to do this, what more evidence do you need?

    Even in the very best of situations, voting is still an unmitigated failure. The fact that any simple majority of individuals (mob) can determine an outcome that adversely affects the minority (mob rule) is against all natural rights. In the United State today, all who vote harm others so that they might benefit. By voting, they are also sanctioning theft of private property at the point of a gun, and the redistribution of that property to those who did not earn it.

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    Yep, just look at the terrible vaccine epidemic. The first thing they ask when you take your baby to the hospital is whether he just got a vaccine. It could be a reaction.

    Big money for big pharma.

    Let's just make it mandatory.

    Force parents to take the risk....shot or measles. That'll fix em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbrumley View Post
    Turn off the television set.
    throw the damn thing out the window

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