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Thread: Are you willing to transfer the title?

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    Are you willing to transfer the title?

    Are you willing to transfer the title?
    February 5, 2019

    Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. Matthew 16:24

    Very early in our marriage, Joyce and I got on our knees and made a solemn vow before God that all we had would belong to Jesus Christ. We would not really own title to anything.
    Now, we might hold title as people view it legally, but everything we owned would belong to the Lord. If He wanted it, He could have it. If He wanted to use it, if He wanted to destroy it, if He wanted to give it away, if He wanted to give more—that was His business.

    Have you done that? Have you transferred everything to Christ? Here’s what counts with God: It’s not your fame, it’s your faith. It’s not your ability, it’s your availability. It’s not your scholarship, it’s your sacrifice.

    Stop now this moment and think about what you have. Are you willing to “transfer the title”? Tell the Lord Jesus Christ that He is the true owner of all you have—including your abilities.
    Even in the very best of situations, voting is still an unmitigated failure. The fact that any simple majority of individuals (mob) can determine an outcome that adversely affects the minority (mob rule) is against all natural rights. In the United State today, all who vote harm others so that they might benefit. By voting, they are also sanctioning theft of private property at the point of a gun, and the redistribution of that property to those who did not earn it.

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    I was hoping this would get more attention - when i read it yesterday, it reminded me of a quote by st francis that i had as a signature line once upon a time - something along the lines of

    preach the gospel everywhere you go
    when necessary, use words

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    God plainly told the Jews that they were only tenants, farmers and aliens on the land that God bestowed onto them.

    --Leviticus 25:23
    ...terrorism is the war of the poor and war is the terrorism of the rich...

    (STILL trying to set up conservatives and fundamentalists on blind dates with Jesus...)

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