Hi and many say that there is NOT a so-called NEAR VIEW and FAR VIEWS in the bible !!

Lets turn to , just ONE classic in Isa 6:1-13 !!

#1 Isaiah see the LORD !

#2, Then Isaiah see 6 seraphims , and each had 6 wings !!

#3, With 2 he covered his Face !

#4 With 2 he he covered his FEET !

#5 With 2 he did FLY !!

#6 Then what does the number 6 mean ?

#7 , Then in verse 5 see that he has unclean lips and lives with people of unclean lips !!

#8 , Then a Seraphim flies , having a live coal and says , thine iniquity is taken away and thy sin Purged , and what does this all , SIGNIFY ??

Then Isaiah hears a voice saying , WHO WILL GO FOR US ? And Isaiah says , Here am I , send me and this passage is used by many that are going to the mission field , SEND ME !!

In verse 9-13 Isaiah is given his mission statement !!

This is the NEAR VIEW , to go to Israel and in verse 9--10 Isaiah will preach to Israel and the will not HEAR , NOR can they SEE , HEAR , NOR UNDERSTAND with there HEARTS and CONVERT , and be HEALED !!

This is the FAR VIEW , and when the 144,000 preach to Israel in what is called JACOB'S TROUBLE will Israel begin to listen !

The significance of why the SARAPHIM covered his eyes , face and Ears because Israel is rejecting the LORD !!

The number of man is SIX !!

Notice that the SERAPHIM flew , but the HEBREW word for FLY / UWPH is kin the HEBREW , IMPERFECT TENSE as Israel will only have 3 1/2 years to HEAR and ENDURE TO THE END to be saved !!

I know that there is more than what I have written ??

dan p