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Thread: Trump is right to fight for the border wall

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    Mexicans see models of Trump’s ‘impenetrable’ wall, and they’re not impressed... irony of building these brawny prototypes at this location is that San Diego has long demonstrated the weakness of walls. Nowhere is more famous for its sophisticated border tunnels than this industrial sprawl near the Otay Mesa border crossing. The drug lord Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán, now imprisoned in New York, disrupted the narcotics trade... building "super-tunnels" here that were dozens of feet deep, equipped with elevators and ventilation and lighting, to move vast amounts of cocaine into California. Seven tunnels of various sizes...

    ...have been identified by the San Diego sector of the Border Patrol just this year.

    The ground here, as one U.S. official put it, "is like Swiss cheese."

    Trump has pledged that the border wall will stop illegal immigrants and drugs. CBP officials ( U.S. Customs and Border Protection), however, said the walls under consideration are likely to not go deep enough to block large, sophisticated tunnels.
    For the rest of this report, see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatholicCrusader View Post
    Your ignorance just becomes a blur after a while.
    Says the guy who has no idea what the wall is actually going to cost. You shouldn't run your mouth so much when you haven't even done your homework.

    You're just another irrelevant blowhard.
    “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.”

    ― Theodore Roosevelt

    Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danoh View Post
    Mexicans see models of Trump’s ‘impenetrable’ wall, and they’re not impressed
    And we are supposed to be impressed with Mexicans' opinions?

    Border officials say the wall works. In the areas where there is some wall there are almost no crossings. Furthermore, Trump never said that the wall works by itself. He has always said that it is one layer in a multi-layered approach. That fact have been ignored by the fake news liars.

    Former ICE chief Tom Homan rips Nancy Pelosi for doubting border wall works

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    Trump is right to fight for the border wall

    7 Republicans in the House voted with the Democrats to pass a government funding bill tonight which provided no money for "THE WALL!"

    2 vulnerable Republican Senators facing re-election in 2020 have stated that they would also support such a bill - if 2 more join them, McConnell will have lost his GOP majority!

    The loss of 40 Republican House seats in 2018 is already forcing conservative politicians in the House and Senate who are up for re-election n 2020 to re-evaluate their support for this President who has become a major political liability!

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