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Thread: Gospel of Revelation

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    Gospel of Revelation

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    BoyStan;5285330]The unveiling of the Lordship of Jesus!
    Which is you after you have gone through the gauntlet of the valley of death/fear by yourself without the comforter who schooled you through the trial runs.
    From Jesus enthronement as Lord of Lords and King of Kings (Ch4-5)
    Yep Galatians 4:1 the son of God graduates, starts to receive his Spiritual rights that are fire resistant.
    To Jesus victory over all his enemies(Rev 19).
    Through perfection in love exposing the fear as just dualism's mind games 1John 4:18.
    The Lord Jesus is the message of Revelation
    Can't learn that by or from man the riddle of the dead letter is spiritually revealed, Galatians 1:12.
    A message that comforts and encourages a suffering and struggling church to remain faithful until death.
    The church, your mind is where the meetings with God's mind takes place, it's only persecuted while in fear, going on to perfection starts to lesson the effects of wrong thinking by how things appear to be.
    In the meantime the world refuses to repent (Rev9:20-21; 16:9).
    The world is your oyster that hides its pearls.
    The Lord Jesus dispenses the wrath of Almighty God on an unrepentant world(Rev9:20-21;16:9), on all his enemies (Rev19:15).
    Not really he teaches us to not judge this world like he does, we only reconcile this world by seeing it through a renewed mind then the dead letter the outer shell of the oyster opens up to reveal it's pearls.
    The Lord Jesus is victorious(Rev19:6).
    Another yep, once fear becomes pearls.
    This message of Revelation is of paramount importance to encourage and embolden the saints (Rev19:1-3; Rev19:6-8).
    The experience of the message encourages those going through tribulation in this world, where we go through labor/birth pains of Christ being formed/built into a Temple of God.
    The message of revelation is an indispensable part of the gospel.
    Like any birth it seems unbearable at the time its happening for the woman a typology equivalent to spiritual birth in the mind, allegorically linked to the Jerusalem above the virgin mother of all renewed minds.
    Preaching the gospel must include preaching the message of Revelation .
    Its only sounding brass and tingling symbols to the old man in bondage to the fear, it's message is study proof, it's all based on how you judge this world, if you can't learn to reconcile it then you will condemn it.
    Hell,fire and brimstone are part of the gospel message.
    Certainly need a comforter encouraging you after you fail the none judgement it takes to overcome that lesson.
    Galatians 4:24, Psalms 78:2, Ephesians 5:14. We love to play judge until the excused turns out to be the ghost of our behavioral past.

    He said to Nathan, “As surely as the Lord lives, the man who did this deserves to die! 6 Because he committed this cold-hearted crime, he must pay for the lamb four times over!” 7 Nathan said to David, “You are that man!
    Trying to awaken the divine principle in the belly of the fish.

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