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Thread: When I Felt Lowest in My Faith

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    When I Felt Lowest in My Faith

    I began when I was about five years old; I would lie in bed at night and think, "What if God did not like me, then where would I go?" "Who would care about me, if not God, some other supreme being?"

    Being a precocious and capricious child, I would ask my parents and the minister about how would I know if God liked me, they never gave me a satisfactory answer! I asked God to send me a friendly angel and kept asking for this until I was six years old. No angel came and I continued to believe God did not like me!

    By age seven, I realised many persons, grown-ups too, had prayed for things unanswered; they also did not get as much as a reply. I never believed then, in any mystical, or metaphorical explanations, rather, I believed if God liked me, then He would talk to me, even if it was a 'no' answer.

    This went on until I was close to, or eight years old. After that I began to understand more, and from that point on believed in Jesus and having faith was what would please God. His not answering me was not unusual.

    So when I read about some of you falling out of faith after young adulthood, I have to wonder, am I that much brighter, or more mature than all of you who did not have questions until much later in life?
    So, what?

    believe it!

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