Enyart: Alex Jones Should Be Taken for Every Dollar He Has

This is the show from Tuesday, July 31st, 2018


How dare Alex Jones, and his followers, under the guise of Christian discernment, slander the parents of little Noah Pozner and call them liars for having a "supposed son" who "reportedly" died at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Bob Enyart celebrates and is rooting for the lawsuits against Jones and agrees with the Texas attorney Mark Bankston that it is already a victory that Jones has acknolwedged that the parents' son truly died. Bob also especially rebukes the Christians who lose crediblility by repeating any of Jones' paranoid claims including that:
- the Sandy Hook school massacre never happened
- that 9/11 was an inside job
- that the Muslim terrorist Boston & San Bernardino attacks, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Columbine, Aurora theater, Orlando, and Mandalay Bay massacres were false flag or some such conspiratorial operations; and
- that the government bought a billion bullets in 2013 to use against the American public and
- its been pumping compounds into water to turn people and frogs into homosexuals.
Bob warns that by consuming Alex Jones' caustic message, people toy with their own mental health.

* The Fall of Medical Marijuana: The "medical" marijuana movement shrinks dramatically in favor of those hypocrites just wantin' to get high. See also kgov.com/pot.