Loving Donald Trump

This is the show from Tuesday, July 3rd, 2018


* Settling the Death Penalty Debate: at least in light of the armed robber who got his on a New York subway platform…

* DMV, DNA & ACLU: The ACLU are up to their old tricks, defending the guilty against the sincere efforts of police and prosecutors to stop them!

* Netflix Goes to Hell: By distributing a film containing child pornography, Netflix has descended one level deeper, and by defending his evil production, producer Diego Kaplan will be crushed just beneath them!

* Insert the word “cannabis” here: In doing so one can confirm the theories of various pot-heads that the Biblical anointing oil was of course CBD oil.

* Hating Donald Trump: By making President Trump comfortable with his compromise on child killing Johnnie Moore and Jerry Falwell Jr. are “loving” Trump straight to Hell.