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So whether or not @Town Heretic likes it or not, taxes are voluntary, so when one objects, his answer is "your free to leave the country" Amazing....I think I saw a video on this a long time ago...some movie producer made a documentary on this topic.
No, my answer is and only just was:

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What I did was to note that taxes and participation are voluntary acts. The way you know this is that you can opt out. You are free to leave. And that's not my personal position, it's the objective truth.
I did that in the rational counter to a post attempting to paint taxation as theft.

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It just amazes me how one and sit there and say income taxes are voluntary
You must be positively flabbergasted by a sunrise.

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That’s your fallen nature talking. Reasoning.
The days of worrying what trolls think about the state of my soul are long gone...so in that regard it's much like your honesty or reason.