Thought it wouldn't hurt to have a general sports talk thread, though I'm not sure how many are left who care about it.

I'll start with the NBA, just wrapping up its season.

I didn't watch a single game of the NBA finals this year for the first time in memory. And I'm about as indifferent to the NBA as I've ever been. I didn't watch because the Cavs couldn't play defense and I knew that all it would take was them running into a healthy GS to end the run, most likely with a broom. Without KD the Warriors were compelling. With him it felt largely like a Globetrotters game. GS felt it too, giving up on a few games during the season and taking too long to take Houston seriously, lucky to escape that series via injury to Paul. The Cavs got a similar break facing a hobbled Boston.

So a healthy Warriors got a wake up call and there was nothing in Cleveland that was going to surprise or upset them. I know it looked like it might have been a series, at least a five or six game series, without knuckle headed moves by the Browns, I mean Cavs resident knuckle head, but that would have at best delayed the inevitable. There are two teams in the east positioning themselves to give GS a match and neither of those is from Ohio.

Here's hoping James goes to Philly or Houston. Otherwise, I'm thinking next year might be the first time I miss an entire season. . . well, not exactly miss it.