"The real reason Subway is disappearing across the country"

"...only particularly busy locations get fresh produce in twice a week, and that's still not enough. While Subway stated they worked with around 100 suppliers and family farms to make sure all their locations had the freshest produce available, those on the front lines had other things to say. Many made comments like this one, from a Pennsylvania employee: "A lot of the lettuce we receive is often near-expiry and is already turning brown even though the bags are vacuum sealed. The same goes for tomatoes. Often they are delivered and within a week are mushy and rotting..."

"Shearer says corporate is less concerned with giving their franchisees a chance to grow than they are with collecting the franchise fees from new owners. Stores open right on top of each other, corporate collects the fees, and the stores are left to scramble for business. Even worse, any complaints directed to corporate, about corporate, have led to what Shearer described as "Mafia-style" techniques employed to sabotage stores. Franchisees could have their licenses revoked over the most minor of reasons, he says, and describes franchise owners as " always in a state of extreme fear," because "They fear reprisal for telling their stories."

"Subway, of course, says none of that is true..."

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I personally know various successful restaurant owners who basically recruited their great staffs from other once successful restaurants where said staff had often been mistreated, passed over for favouritism, and so on, and where dissension of any kind was met with all sorts of petty pay-back.

Some leadership within one venture or another simply plays by a double-standard; cannot handle dissension within its ranks, and is therefore a detriment to the ongoing success, if not the continued future, of said venture.

Coddled, such leadership grows worse and worse, eventually bringing about the demise of said venture, as once enthusiastic "supporters" and "customers" find no recourse but to go elsewhere.

One forum I used to frequent - its financial supporters could do no wrong.

Things got so bad that eventually, countless "such and such only club" forums had to continue to be added just to keep everyone safe from those coddled, in contrast to simply letting go those coddled.

To this day that forum wreaks of anything but an actual grace in Christ Jesus.

Reminds me of the following description...

2 Timothy 3:5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.