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Thread: Bob's teacher Chuck Missler is now with the Lord

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    Bob's teacher Chuck Missler is now with the Lord

    Bob's teacher Chuck Missler is now with the Lord

    This is the show from Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018


    [Minor YouTube Milestone: The BEL YouTube channel is about to reach 400,000 views! Please consider clicking on over there; finding a video you're interested in; and giving it a watch to help us hit this minor milestone! Thank you so much!]

    After Reason #1,209 to get your kids out of public school (where there's lousy math and reading proficiency) and after talking about the Muslim man who called yesterday's studio guest Ken Scott, then Bob Enyart reports on the passing of Chuck Missler and reminisces about attending Chuck's Monday night Bible class in Costa Mesa, California. These studies built upon what Bob learned at Nyack College in New York.
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jefferson View Post
    the passing of Chuck Missler
    I listened to several of his audios over the years.
    I loved how he would go verse by verse through a whole book.
    He had a dynamic that was perfect for informal public speaking.
    He made it fresh and interesting and I could listen to him all day whether I agreed with his conclusions or not.
    He always added some background of the characters and the historic time-frame.

    I will remember him fondly.

    We don't tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters exist.
    They already know monsters exist.
    We tell our children fairy tales so that they will know that monsters can be killed.

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