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Thread: Real Science Radio: Slaying the Iron Maiden: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability

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    Real Science Radio: Slaying the Iron Maiden: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability

    Slaying the Iron Maiden: Mary Schweitzer's Vulnerability

    This is the show from Friday, April 20th, 2018


    Clickable Biomaterial Fossils Papers List

    Co-author of a triceratops soft tissue paper, Kevin Anderson challenges Dr. Mary Schweitzer's claim that biological iron has the ability to preserve dinosaur biological material for tens of millions of years. On Real Science Radio, Bob Enyart and Dr. Anderson, a molecular biologist, describe Schweitzer's two-year experiment, which she then extrapolated to 68 million years, and discuss the many physics and depositional factors that falsify the extraordinary claim of the famed paleontologist, whom RSR amiably refers to as the Iron Maiden.

    * You may be interested in:

    - our shared Google spreadsheet linking to 98 biomaterial fossil papers at

    - the great book by Dr. Kevin Anderson, Echoes of the Jurassic

    - the presentation by Bob Enyart, embedded below, filmed in Malibu on the Pepperdine campus titled, There ARE No Secular Theories of Origins. God Exists, They Don't.

    - baseball player and BEL interviewee David Bote, drafted by the Cubs, makes his first MLB debut vs. the Rockies. Update: Congratulations David for hitting a double in your first Major League at-bat!

    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    Biological material has been around for millions of years.

    Yeah, right.

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