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Thread: State pension funding gap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonahdog View Post
    St. Ronny was not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but he was Einstein compared to what we have now.
    No one ever suspected that Reagan didn't love America. And if people had accused him of collusion with Russia, they would have been laughed at.
    Let's say that I suffer from a delusion. I will call this delusion "Fact-check Syndrome." I respond by citing facts.

    Most people online don't want to be corrected. They do not care about anything that does not agree with them.

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    The interview to which I am linking here is very good. The problems created by the federal government having been run as a criminal operation for the last couple of decades is covered really well. So is the constitutional crisis which we are now in. Catherine Austin Fitts is extremely knowledgeable in these areas and she tells the truth.

    The interview doesn't really get into high gear until around the 6:30 mark. From then on the interview is a great education. You want to know how badly you are being sold out? Watch this video.

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