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    For decades the Pentagon had a project that they called LifeLog. It's goal was to record everything everyone in the US ever did. Here is a list of what it was to make a record of for everyone: all friends, all personal contacts, all conversations, all reading material, all purchases, all political positions, all medical information, TV shows watched, etc.... In other words, they wanted every bit of information on every person over their lifetime.

    When did this happen? On the day that the reported it: February 4, 2004.

    What else happend on that day? It was the date of the official lauch of facebook.

    What does facebook do? It records everyone's entire life. It even records what people who do not have facebook accounts. Do you really think this is a coincidence? The government dropping a project that they had long desired to accomplish the very day a website launches which does that exact thing? Do you really believe in those kind of coincidences?

    Did Zuckerberg even write the code for Facebook? That too is very heavily disputed. Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies has prior claims and has won in court on 11 out of 11 claims of patent infringement claims against Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg claims that he and an intern wrote the entire facebook app in 3 months. Anyone familiar with application development at all knows this is impossible. It simply cannot be done with that massive of a code base, let alone all the product testing that must be done before a project that large can be put into production. The Linux kernel code base is over 50 million lines of code, and facebook's code base is a lot bigger than that. How long did it take to develop the original Linux kernel? Linus Torvalds started in January 1991 and version 1.0 the first version considered to be viable for general public use was released in March of 1994. It took he and his friends more than 3 years to develop and test the first production Linux kernel, and Zuckerberg claims to have written and tested facebook's production ready code in far less than a year. That stinks to high heaven. It's a lie, plain and simple.

    There have also been major legal shenanigans taking place in this legal fight by judges, government attorneys, and facebook lawyers. Here's a link from that documents some of this.

    Here are a few links to videos on this:

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