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Thread: Canadian Tragedy

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    Canadian Tragedy

    I'm sure at least some of the posters here have seen this, but I thought it was worth posting a link to this story. The last headline I saw said 15 dead in wreck in which a semi tore a bus in two that was carrying a Canadian junior hockey league team to a playoff game. For a town of 6000 this must have been an incredible blow. My heart goes out to families and the town as a whole.

    I have to say that I have never seen a wreck in which a bus was torn completely in two. It's a wonder anyone in that bus survived. The rest of the article can be found at the following link.
    The identities of some of those killed in the crash of a bus carrying a Canadian junior hockey team headed to a playoff game were revealed Saturday, as relatives learned the teamís coach and team captain were among the dead.
    Also Saturday, police said a 15th person had died, with 14 others injured. Earlier, investigators said 14 were dead.

    This aerial photo shows the wreckage of a fatal crash outside of Tisdale, Saskatchewan. (Jonathan Hayward/The Canadian Press via AP)

    The 15 fatalities were 10 players, two coaches, the bus driver, a team volunteer and a broadcaster, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix reported.
    The bus, carrying the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League, collided with a semi-truck on a highway in Tisdale, Sask., around 5 p.m. There were 29 people onboard at the time of the crash, including the driver, police said.

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    Dear Lord. I'm praying for them.

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