ALL NEW! GOD 6.0! Brought to you by...

This is the show from Monday, March 19th, 2018


The tragedies of Texas' bombings and Florida's school massacre drive home: 1) the can't vs. won't priority and 2) that criminals can be infinitely creative. So Bob Enyart shares the graphic (from All-New GOD version 6.0, Brought to you by today's Christians! Softer, gentler, completely compatible, no absolutes, sin equalizer, no more pesky rebuking and confrontation, and all with miracles on demand! As it turns out, false Christian clichés ruin much more than just the discussion in Sunday School. Lives and souls hang in the balance. So, if you've ever uttered any of these: Don't judge, God's outside of time, All sins are equal, It's all God's plan, Forgive everyone, God can't change, then ask God to help you repent. You'll love it! (See also