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Thread: Trump Money Laundering and Organized Crime

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    Trump Money Laundering and Organized Crime

    Global Witness Report: Trump Ocean Club, Money Laundering, and the Russian Mafia
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    This country has got to get a lot better at prosecuting our citizens who go overseas and engage in serious crimes, especially when they work to undermine good government for personal gain. There's no reason Manafort should have been allowed to operate the ways he has for the last 30 years. Same with Trump's criminal brand. It's a little bit galling to hear about how well-known the corruption seems to have been in certain circles. The problems that have been welcomed home in the last two years, we've been inflicting on other countries for decades.

    And there was what looks like a new one today:

    This guy was expelled from the White House without his jacket over concerns about major crimes, and then immediately hired by Trump's presidential campaign. If that doesn't say it all about this administration.
    Global warming denialists are like gravity denialists piloting a helicopter, determined to prove a point. We may not have time to actually persuade them of their mistake.

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