How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic Pt. 1

This is the show from Monday, March 5th, 2018


* How Christians Can Minimize School Shootings: Today's program is part 1 of a 3-part series on the list of ways in which the church can actively work toward ending America's crime epidemic. See the list below!

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Pt 1 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic
Pt 2 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic
Pt 3 How the Church Should Respond to the Crime Epidemic

* List of Ways: How the Church should respond to a crime epidemic:

- Don’t judge: Stop repeating this false teaching that warps and even silences the influence of millions of Christians.
- Forgive everyone: Stop repeating this false teaching that makes repentance superfluous and leads to corruption, crime, and murder in society, and makes much of the Bible irrelevant including Jesus’ teaching in Luke 17:3.
- Governmental vengeance: Vengeance belongs to the Lord and so God He has delegated vengeance and wrath to governing officials (Romans 13:1-4) to bring against criminals yet the church undermines God’s purpose.

- Personal vengeance: Filling the vengeance vacuum, as the church has undermined God’s purpose for the government to exact vengeance, there is an explosion of personal vengeance, ubiquitous in films, television, video games, and novels, so that from mean girls in high school, to road rage and rottenness online, to all out murderous violence and school shootings, personal revenge could be its own genre.
- Can’t vs. Won’t: Liberals have long tried to make it so that men can’t commit crime, instead of that they won’t commit crime. So as conservatives become ever more liberal-like, in 2018 rather than focus on the actual underlying problems, their putting a bandaid on a symptom with their armed school personnel solution. (There’s nothing wrong with effective security, but that’s something you do on your day off, when you’re not actually working on resolving the underlying issues that lead to society’s dysfunction.).

- Capital Punishment: The death penalty is at the heart of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and capital punishment is supported throughout the New Testament. When Christian leaders join liberals in opposing the death penalty, they undermine both the Gospel and America’s criminal justice.

- Government schools: If the Israelites would have sent their children off to be educated by the godless Philistines, God would have killed the parents. Today, He’s operating differently (thankfully), but it is reckless nonetheless to send a child to our officially godless public schools.
- Godless schools: Even if we put prayer and Bible study back into public schools, they would still be immoral, because God never authorized the government to educate children, and when bureaucrats usurp that authority, parents relinquish that authority, and millions become uninvolved in their kids’ education.
- Homeschool instead: One couple told Bob they couldn’t afford to homeschool and the next week he saw the wife with braces on her teeth. Cost of her smile, $7,000. Cost to her child, one soul.
- Brainwashing: The public school curriculum, over 20 hours a week and 13 years, has an overall goal of turning your child into a liberal, leftist, pro-evolution, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, possibly transgendered, conservative-hating Democratic voter. (I would have said they have the goal of getting your child to turn against God, but that doesn’t seem to have much effect on most Pastors and parents.)

NOTE: This list is not completed. Please check back on March 8th. Thank you! [/b]

- pornograpy; sexual immorality, dehumanizing, behave like animals, decriminalizing adultery, homosexuality
- evolution, we’re just animals, who can behave like animals without eternal consequence
- no-fault divorce
- socialism, welfare, we’ve got to oppowse: Denver Rescue Mission: Christian welfare is great! Palestinians, destructive, etc.
- no swift death penalty; no flogging; if the sentence is not executed speedily you will have a crime epidemic
- God’s criminal justice system
- armed security God’s in schools and armed teachers, is something you promote on your day off, a bandaid on a symptom, that doesn’t address the underlying problems, but that there’s nothing wrong with, unless you allow this to be your response, and therefore overlook actually addressing the substance of the problems.
- the culture, violent/godlessness/nihlistic/unfulfilling headonism/meaninglessness/utter futility/it’s that atheistic bleakness
- Republicans have always outspent Democrats in social spending, since WW2, and now Trump fully funding PP for 3 years, 1.5B, w/o criticism from pro-life Christian leaders; and nominates Neil Gorsuch who agrees with the central holding of Roe, the unborn child is not a person, and can be legitimately killed with the approval of the court
- Abortion: a culture of death, a culture of violence.[/b]

- mental illness: exacerbated by over-prescription of psychotropic drugs, and a refusal of the media to investigate the high percentage of school shooters on ritalin and all these other pop drugs for kids.[/b]

Preaching the gospel, a nat’l security issue.
And a domestic tranquility issue.
Hermeneutics… our seminar that presents 16 tools for interpreting the Bible.[/b]

Swift justice, and swift and painful death penalty, for every convicted murderer; less celebration of criminals. [/b]