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Thread: Did God Design All Of Creation To Suffer As A Result Of The 'Fall'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur Brain View Post
    Which "hell" would that be AMR? What version, let alone what the 'lake of fire' actually is when 'hades' is cast into it along with "death"? If there's a monstrous deity out there that set out things whereby life would suffer interminably throughout eternity then hey, I don't expect such to show mercy regardless if I 'tow the line' or not. You, on the other hand (along with others of similar ilk) have scant regard for anybody's pain and torment as long as it isn't yours. You call my position 'slinging mud' or the like. No. it's just forthright honesty. Your belief system is repugnant and your callous disregard for anyone who isn't part of your "saved" group amid your pontificating intellectualism is sickening.

    Yes, I consider you coldly detached on the matter as you talk about torments and sufferings as if they're part of some intellectual exercise that you, yourself will obviously be spared from and blandly recite the pain of others as if from a textbook. You are far from the only one on here to do that to be fair but that only underlines how insidious certain religious beliefs and doctrines can rob people of simple, basic compassion and understanding. Ultimately love.
    Amr is a stickler for upper crust religious behavior, but he would certainly put Jesus on his ignore list of non acceptable mannerisms Matt 23:13.
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