TRAGEDY: Not 30 minutes after yesterday's show...

This is the show from Tuesday, February 6th, 2018


After the murder yesterday of Colorado Spring’s deputy Micah Flick, and the wounding of three other law enforcement officers, we’ve decided to re-air yesterday’s program. Just 30 minutes after we went off the air, Deputy Flick attempted to arrest a car thief. (Less car theft less murder.) That suspect murdered the deputy. Yesterday on this program we talked about the life-and-death importance of implementing God’s Criminal Justice System, which by the way we offer as a seminar. (See it at and at The lessons learned from that seminar are of eternal value, beginning immediately upon learning the lessons therein. Yesterday’s program begins with a brief reference to Tom Brady’s Hail Mary pass just as the patriot’s were losing the Super Bowl. And then it get’s into the half-time show that was not a waste of time and space, like Justin Timberlake’s, but one of the truth that can lead to eternal life and peace on earth.