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Thread: Trump Trolls

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I feel deceived about so much stuff it's ridiculous.
    I can relate to that. We're in the midst of an information war, and we're the main target, and for a variety of reasons, various institutions have been undermined in the minds of the People.

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I haven't watched Hannity in a while just usually Fox & Friends.
    They're both pretty bad, but Hannity has become pretty blatant about his partisanship.

    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I'm focusing on bigger deceptions and I'm Admin on another fairly new forum now so not here as much. I still support Trump and I'm happy with job he's doing save a few things and I'm still very happy I voted for him but I'm just not focusing on posting about him for a spell. I still defend him when I see something real negative and get the urge but only if I see it and have the time or inspiration.
    Well, I'm curious.
    Global warming denialists are like gravity denialists piloting a helicopter, determined to prove a point. We may not have time to actually persuade them of their mistake.

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