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Thread: Economic Ignoramus in Chief

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    Economic Ignoramus in Chief

    Economic Ignoramus in Chief
    Laurence M. Vance

    Just when I thought that Trump could not say anything dumber on subject of trade, now he says that China will be paying the $16 billion he is giving to farmers hurt by his tariffs. Who actually pays tariffs? I recently answered that question here.

    I'm trying to give our president the benefit of the doubt, but he makes it harder and harder everyday to support him..

    Everyone needs to keep praying for the president so his decision making skills can improve..
    The state — whatever its particular forms — always expresses itself as a collective form of property ownership. All political systems are socialistic, in that they are premised upon the subservience of individual interests to collective authority. Communism, fascism, lesser forms of state socialism, and welfarism, are all premised upon the state’s usurpation of privately-owned property. Whether one chooses to be aligned with the political "Left," "Right," or "Middle," comes down to nothing more than a preference for a particular franchise of state socialism.

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    Maybe he should appoint AOC for his economic adviser

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