Odd topic (see below asterisk line for the politics discussion of it). No I'm not thinking of eating my dog or cat (I've friends in the military who have eaten both).

I was in the Asian market today and saw cockroaches in the frozen section. Big ones!

I asked my son, "Guess what I saw in the frozen section at the Asian market?"

He replied "Dog? or cat?"

We then looked it up: you can eat your dog and cat in 44 states. In most of them you cannot sell them (strictly personal consumption).

In Washington state we have laws against eating Fido, Figaro, and Mr. Ed. The law does not apply to the Indians so I've seen dogs for food here on occasion growing up.

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I was at first thinking "it is your U.S. guaranteed right to eat dogs or cats BUT I think I might understand the prohibition in the states. If it were allowed, you might accidentally catch a bit of 'dog' in your hotdog, or horse in your burger, or eat kitty in an Asian restaurant without the prohibition.

Perhaps it rather comes from having pets so close to part of our families as well.

I'm not sure how far a thread on such a topic will go, but because I have friends who have actually eaten all of these, and notably are still my friends, it seemed incongruent to me, that I'm so against it. Besides:

He's too cute.