MassResistance confronts “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Riverside, California
See incredible VIDEO of a mother in action!
Cross-dressing homosexuals out to disrupt the minds of a generation of children.
Confrontation reported by Los Angeles NBC-TV station.

You have to hand it to the MassResistance activist who confronted the store owner and the other perverts who were indoctrinating these children.

Unfortunately the store owner was right: while the indoctrination of innocent children by perverts was open to the public, it was being held on private property and the owner of the property had every right to ask her to leave, and,the event is legal.

Based on the MassResistance activists comment defending Kavanaugh, I wonder if she is a Donald Trump supporter and hence ignorant of his homosexual and transgender activism? (When going into battle, be armed with the truth).

Inside the "Drag Queen Story Hour." These men are out to change the way children view reality.

I should note that these drag queen story hour events are happening all over the US, in fact there is a website where you can organize your own child indoctrination event by perverts.