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Thread: Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 5

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    Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 5

    Part 4 has just been sent to the TOL archives where it can be viewed indefinitely. Much thanks to TOL moderator Sherman for doing that.

    Link to "Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized! Part 4"

    While I normally do an opening post that shows how destructive homosexual behavior and the LGBTQ agenda are, I'll do that at a later time and bring it back as an opening post.

    I also have a few hundred pages of table of contents to catch up on from Part 4. If I'm unable to post them in that thread, I'll do so in this one.

    In the meantime, I'd like to share a post where I corresponded with syndicated columnist Selwyn Duke in one of the dozen or so forums that I comment in, regarding Donald Trump's past and present homosexual activism:

    "Thanks for your reply Selwyn, I'm honored! I'll soon be sharing your wise words from your recent article entitled "Misandry rises: in defense of men" in my 4 part thread entitled "Why Homosexuality MUST Be Recriminalized!" that I started several years ago on a Christian website. The 4 part thread, which has received several million views, deals with the decline of western civilization (specifically in the US) due to laws/SCOTUS decisions, cultural mores' and downright jack booted thug tactics orchestrated by the secular humanist movement. In part 4, I've gone into great detail about Donald Trump's past embracement of things like partial birth abortion, transgenderism (as the owner of the Miss Universe Pageant Trump overruled the pageant board and allowed a male pretending to be a female to compete) and his interview with the homosexual periodical 'The Advocate" where Trump suggested that sexual orientation should be protected under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. During the Presidential primaries he spoke out against the common sense North Carolina bathroom bill, and took it a huge step further by inviting drag queen/LGBT activist Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner to use the women's restroom at any Trump business. Jenner made a YouTube video accepting Trump's offer as he/she/it entered the women's restroom at a Trump property. Openly homosexual/homosexual activist Peter Thiel speaking out against the culture wars at the RNC during Trump's victory celebration and Donald Trump proudly flying the LGBT flag of death two days before the Presidential election in a rally in Greely CO (see my avatar) put the icing on the rainbow cake for Trump. Hiring Rex Tillerson, who turned the once God-fearing Boy Scouts of America into what AFA's Bryan Fischer calls "The Boy Sodomizers of America" as his Secretary of State and pro LGBT activist Betsy Devos as his Secretary of Education
    ("Betsy DeVos, a Friend of L.G.B.T. Rights? Past Colleagues Say Yes"/New York Times article), not to mention homosexual Richard Grenell as a US Ambassador, as well as Neil Gorsuch as his first SCOTUS pick (see Andy Schlafly's article exposing Gorsuch) shows that Trump has stuck to his LGBT activism, which I've shown, goes decades back.
    Regarding Trump being against transgenders (the T in the LGBT acronym), serving in the military: He's on record that the cost is the issue, not that these lost souls need spiritual and psychological therapy. Besides, Trump has done nothing to prohibit homosexuals (the LGB of the LGBT acronym) from continuing to serve, and the financial cost of healthcare for those who engage in that behavior is astronomical.
    Also remember that Donald Trump went against his campaign promise to overturn the unconstitutional Obergefell v Hodges SCOTUS decision by saying that the case is "settled law". Being that the traditional family via marriage is the nucleus of society, I don't need to tell you how devastating that decision is for America.
    I truly hope that the Republicrat Party implodes on itself and makes way for a new conservative Party. I doubt that we'll see that anytime soon, but until then, I'll continue to do my best to expose those that are perpetuating a lie by saying that it is the Party of traditional family values.
    A wise man once said: "Let us be blunt: It is simply not possible to espouse relativism — which holds that right and wrong are opinion — and be a true Christian."
    I take those words seriously and won't sell out God just so the supposed lesser of two evils (the Democrat Party) won't win.
    Thanks again for your reply Selwyn."

    Syndicated columnist Selwyn Duke.

    Based on just that evidence alone, can we as Christians all agree that Donald Trump is a very evil man?

    Next up: Duke's article entitled ""Misandry rises: in defense of men".
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    The very long history of Donald Trump's pro homosexual and transgender activism, before and during his Presidency, can be found on page 141, post # 2113 and #2114.

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