Will Duffy Concludes his Cross Examination of Matt Slick

This is the show from Monday, December 18th, 2017


* The Pope: Bob Enyart briefly discusses the Pope saying that he can't judge homosexuals but that journalists who drudge up old scandals are committing "very serious sin". Hypocrite.

* BEL & O.J. Bob then discusses Flea Bailey's fake news that O.J. Simpson couldn't get the glove to fit and that, illustrative of the Scriptures, his sin has found him out.

* The Duffy/Slick Open Theism Debate: BEL then concludes the airing of Will Duffy's cross-examination of Matt Slick from their Open Theism debate. Duffy is the founder of www.opentheism.org (the official home of the debate) and Slick is the founder of www.carm.org, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry.