RSR Listing Theories In Order of How Bad They Are

This is the show from Friday, December 8th, 2017


Bob and Fred begin to brainstorm two ideas: First, another way to illustrate Evolution's Big Squeeze, and second, the listing of theories in order of on how bad they are.

* List of Origins Theories: from bad to worse, that is, from absolutely terrible to utterly absurd:
- Plate tectonics
- Nebular hypothesis
- Big bang
- Darwinism
- Abiogenesis.

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* The Great Debate: RSR also airs a minute of last weekend's debate at Denver Bible Church between former BEL producer Will Duffy and CARM founder Matt Slick on whether the future is settled or open. Bob asks Fred a question that Duffy asked, "Does God have the ability to design a new butterfly (say, for His creation of the new heavens and the new earth)?" Fred gives the obvious, biblical answer, Yes, whereas Matt Slick gets this wrong. Wow. The guys also discuss why it is that so many Christians are willing to trust God's decrees, but not God Himself, if He were free. And also, how it is that millions of believers bought into a theology that concludes that God has exhausted His creativity, and that He therefore cannot think a new thought, write a new song, design a new butterfly, or issue a new decree.

* America Recognizes Israel's Capital City, Jerusalem: Tension over the city (named in the Bible about 750 times and in the Koran not once) illustrates the staying power of the prophecy in chapter 12 of the Book of Zechariah. (Consider also that, after an initial period of turmoil, this recognition may help resistant Arabs and Muslims come to terms with the fact that the nation of Israel is real and isn't going away.)

* Another Idea for RSR's Upcoming "Evolution's Big Squeeze" Show: regarding Evolution's Big Squeeze, yet another way to look at that problem including the New Scientist cover story, "Darwin Was Wrong (about the tree of life)" as DNA sequences have contradicted Darwinists' anatomy-based ancestry claims. And Fossil-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by RNA-based claims. And DNA-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by anatomy-based claims. And protein-based ancestry claims have been contradicted by fossil-based claims. And... etc., etc., etc.

* Post-show Item Just Found In Our Scrapbook: Fifteen years ago Denver Bible Church ran an advertisement in the Denver Post. The liberal Westword newspaper took note and named DBC for one of their annual "Best Of" Awards...