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Thread: Jerusalem capital of israel

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I was talking about Mahommed.
    Yes, I know.
    Global warming denialists are like gravity denialists piloting a helicopter, determined to prove a point. We may not have time to actually persuade them of their mistake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick jane View Post
    I could claim part of your yard and house are mine. I could gradually start camping there, have a massive family, start building, invite my friends and say that some guy floated to heaven from your front porch thereby making it my porch too.
    Actually you can't. They didn't just start camping there..God purposefully KICKED Isreal out. Now I believe the argument is has God allowed them thier nation back. That's debatable. My thinking is God allowed the nation's to set them up again. Like when Israel wanted a king. So they jumped the we always do

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    Contrary to what many Americans seem to think, the document we now call "the Constitution" and the Declaration of Independence are not pretty much the same thing or "connected in spirit," or "two sides of the same coin." The two documents were written by two different groups of people at two different times to accomplish two totally different goals.

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