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    Quote Originally Posted by Tambora View Post
    Are you really that dumb that you cannot figure out what he meant by that?
    The meaning behind that is that Hillary is so utterly evil that even if Trump murdered someone he would still be high above what she had fallen to.
    That's one of the main reasons Trump knew he had a good chance of winning, because Hillary was hated so much.
    By the way, that is nonsense - you of all people ought to know not to take a thing out of context.

    And Trump said that within a context much like that context within which he makes those lewd remarks about his daughter; because he has always asserted he can say what he pleases and get away with it, so he does for how great the fool claims he is able make himself look.

    Problem is, you obviously never vetted the man thoroughly - this much is ever obvious.

    His history is rampant with his self-worship.

    Alt-Trump IS your obvious reality.

    And that is truly sad.

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