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Thread: A Million End-Times Believers on Verge of Schizophrenia

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    A Million End-Times Believers on Verge of Schizophrenia

    A Million End-Times Believers on Verge of Schizophrenia

    This is the show from Monday, October 9th, 2017


    Note: This report does NOT come from the Babylon Bee. (That is, it's true.) YouTube's usage statistics provide diagnostic information on viewers. For example, it turns out that one million Christians in the U.S., those who keep up with the daily headlines regarding news of the Last Days, are either schizophrenic or at least teetering on the edge of mental illness. "Most of these people," said Bob Enyart, "are undoubtedly true Christians who love God." However, an "End Times" YouTube channel posted a video titled “Proof Las Vegas Shooting Was a FALSE FLAG attack—Shooter on 4th Floor.” In 24 hours, terribly gullible and paranoid end-times believers, more than one million of them, watched this video evidently produced by a schizophrenic mentally disturbed individual. Bob discusses the lack of discernment of so many Christians and offers help (which is also available at Also, Bob shares why he enjoyed not watching the NFL again this weekend (along with hundreds of thousands of others).
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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