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Thread: Marriage and Geology in North Korea and the World

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    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeRightly View Post
    Teaching morals is fine, Nihilo, but you're saying the church has the authority to CHANGE what God says. Here's a hint: THEY DON'T.

    The Church doesn't get to decide what to change in the curriculum, the church only gets to teach it.
    I agree completely with this. I've personally called the Catechism the teachers edition, of the teaching of the Christian faith and of Christian morals.
    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeRightly View Post
    If God says "Marriage is between one man and one woman," that settles the matter. No negotiation allowed from ANYONE. If God recognizes and upholds marriages that were made through an evil government, and especially without the church's involvement, why do you think that the church has the authority to revoke that marriage? or say it is not valid?
    The Church doesn't have the legal authority to enforce contracts, that's part of the First Amendment. The courts are the ones who enforce contracts. The Church recommends contracts, but she can't enforce those contracts; that's the job of the courts.

    The Christian marriage contract as implicitly recommended by the Church, is not the government's standard marriage contract, in many cases; this is why two dudes can "get married" now, because the government marriage contract isn't Christian, it's a secular contract. In order to make it Christian, you'd have to have a prenuptial, that included Christian things like penalties for adultery or infidelity, which the government secular contract doesn't have.
    Quote Originally Posted by JudgeRightly View Post
    The Church has the authority to recommend a prenuptial for a Christian marriage contract, when Christians marry where standard, boilerplate, default, civil government marriage contracts are not also Christian, or are not trivial options (a check box).
    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilo View Post
    The Church teaches today what she's always taught on the matter: One man and one woman.
    She also teaches that infidelity and adultery is a trespass against a spouse, and a violation against the Christian marriage contract, so that would be part of the Christian marriage, that would have to be included in the Christians' prenuptial agreements, to convert the government's marriage contract, into a Christian marriage contract.
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    Romans 10:9 (KJV) 1st Corinthians 15:14 (KJV)

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