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Thread: Real Science Radio Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!

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    Real Science Radio Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!

    RSR Prediction: Asteroid Florence May Have 2 Moons. Confirmed!

    This is the show from Friday, September 8th, 2017


    * Confirmations of RSR Predictions Roll In: We're broadcasting the news, RSR style. Bob Enyart airs the audio from last week's program when we made a prediction that Asteroid Florence may have one or two moons. Science headlines this week: Asteroid Florence has two moons! Ha! Check out more at and at

    * Audio from Sept. 1, 2017 Prediction: Beginning at 15:37 into last week's RSR broadcast (on America's most-powerful Christian radio station, Denver's 50,000-watt AM 670 KLTT):

    Fred Williams: Bob, we've made a past prediction related to this, right?

    Bob Enyart: Yes, because of Walt Brown's model that the debris from the fountains of the great deep. Much of it reached escape velocity, broke out of Earth’s gravity, and that debris became those errant bullets in the solar system - those dangerous things like meteoroids, asteroids, comets. And much of that debris, when it was out in space, it began to attract itself by its mutual gravity, forming asteroids and comets. And so Florence is really coming back home. Thankfully, it’s not coming all the way back home like meteorites do. But, almost four and one half million miles away it’s about 20 times the distance of the moon. So, since NASA has been tracking these near asteroids, this is the largest asteroid at this near distance. So it’s pretty big.

    And it might have - because of our understanding of how asteroids and comets formed - it may have a moon in tow. Now we know that asteroids have moons. But we have been predicting that a higher percentage of asteroids will have moons than is generally assumed or has been identified so far. In fact, it might have a couple moons or even a debris field around it.
    * Eclipse Call to KHOW Radio: We also aired again our phone call to Denver's Ross Kaminski about the eclipse, and then Bob reads his email to Ross urging a follow-up program on the apparent fine-tuning of the universe, solar system, and Earth!

    * Program Note: Today's discussions of Hurricane Irma and of the Thornton Triceratops have been postponed until next week.

    * Post-show Note: Here's the beginning of RSR's List of Things that are Not Rare:

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    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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