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Thread: Real Science Radio: Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality

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    Real Science Radio: Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality

    Bergman on How Darwinism Corrodes Morality

    This is the show from Friday, August 25th, 2017


    Post-show Note: By the way, our RSR/BEL YouTube channel is approaching 300,000 views! To help us hit that milestone, you might want to check out our brief impromptu cell phone video from Yellowstone on their now-removed misleading petrified tree exhibit:

    On today's Real Science Radio program, Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Jerry Bergman on his latest book, How Darwinism Corrodes Morality, documenting the evolutionist's destructive effect on society regarding immorality, child killing (abortion) and the euphemistically named "sexual revolution".

    See more at
    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    If that were true, then biologists and their families would be less well-behaved than the average American.

    But the opposite is true.

    So if one accepts Bergman's premises, then Darwinism improves morality.
    Let's say that I suffer from a delusion. I will call this delusion "Fact-check Syndrome." I respond by citing facts.

    Most people online don't want to be corrected. They do not care about anything that does not agree with them.

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