Ktoyou thinks I'm boring, and need a new sound.

Last month in an evangelistic conversation, I was explaining to a person that the dual miracle or claim of Mk 2's opening scene has a way of providing internal proof of the NT. Here is how:

Jesus cross-claimed he would raise a paralytic when he claimed to be the Son of God. If the healing had not taken place, THAT would have been the news about Jesus the Flop all through Judea. There is no such news. In less than a few scenes later, the leaders of Judaism find they must stop him, even kill him. We never hear that they debunked anything he did, nor things the masses said he did. The 'problem' is always that he did them.

The person I was talking to thought they had me cornered because I was saying that if Juliet hadn't taken her life in the final scene of Romeo and Juliet, the prior story would fall apart. But he was way too late (anachronistic) with his counter by comparison with the gospel accounts. He would have had to say 'the family conflict between the Montagues and the _____s did not really exist.' Not 'Juliet took her life out of nowhere.' But the family conflict was there and it shapes the whole story of R&J just as the fears of Judaism's leaders shape the story of Christ.

If the skeptic was right, the debunking of Jesus would have been the story. It is not.

But I mention this here, because this goes on into the issue between Judaism and the Gospel. If D'ists were right, there should have been no conflict between Judaism and Christ. I keep hearing their loud attempts to affirm massive support for the law by Christ and by Paul, to the point that the conflict between the Gospel and Judaism is nearly non-existent.

I believe along with all its other mistakes D'ism is mistaken as to what a script writer would call backstory. D'ism is like one of those things you find in a movie that could not have been said or done in the time period in which the story is taking place. They are this way about Rom 11 and they are this way about Heb 9, both of which they think are massive support for Israel in its land and Judaism operating again. As though the letter to Hebrews had said nothing about the end of the previous covenant (treating the new/eternal covenant as a 2nd chance for the 1st to work!), and as though Rom 11 had said nothing about the faith-based community that is the one that will be saved (justified from sin). It is asinine.