Major DNA Mummy Study: Out-of-Africa or Out-of-Babel?

This is the show from Friday, June 30th, 2017


What would your prediction be? Real Science Radio has long published creation science predictions (at and with a study in the journal Nature Communications, we have yet another ( confirmed prediction, this one showing that the genome of ancient Egyptians (from about the time of Joshua until 2400 years ago) was more Middle Eastern (think Babel/Mesopotamia, Ararat/Anatolia, Canaanite) or Out-of-Babel, than it was sub-Saharan African (think Out-of-Africa), with a much later infusion of sub-Saharan DNA into Egypt than presumed by the materialist story on human history.

Bob Enyart and Fred Williams also discussed a salty Canadian lake discovered two miles below the surface and the latest re-confirmation of extant dinosaur biological tissue (see and get our Jurassic DVD at