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Thread: Trump Lied

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    Trump Lied

    I've been rewatching Lester Holt's interview of the Trumpster; out of my life-long fascination with recurrent patterns of behavioural "tells" and such.

    I've concluded the President lied when he asserted he had planned on firing Former FBI Director: James Comey.

    The fool just needed to preen once more.

    When that compulsion comes over him, it doesn't matter to him in that moment that he is throwing his various mouth pieces under the bus.

    This is the very problem continuing to reveal the great danger he poses our country.

    The behavioral tells are always present in one form or another.

    Just a matter of learning how to consciously and at will, gage for what as a standard, first, that one can then go by, as a check and a balance to compare against, when attempting to read behavioral tells.

    Sort of like when a person in front of us is lying; we know they are; but do not know consciously, why we know they are lying; we "just know they are lying."

    At an unconscious level, we have picked up on various behavioral cues that then result in our "just know they are lying."

    At the same time, because it never occurs to us to perhaps look into how that functions at a level below our conscious awareness, we never know why we "just know" nor are we able to properly gage when we are actually off base in our "just know."


    We can end up running with a false positive, because it "feels right."

    The very culprit the various Trump supporters are far to often their own willingly clueless victim of.

    Thus, their oft false-positive - "agh - fake news!"

    But Trump was lying.

    The tells are all there.

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