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Thread: Real Science Radio Exodus Pt. 7: Ipuwer A Rich Man (2)

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    Real Science Radio Exodus Pt. 7: Ipuwer A Rich Man (2)

    RSR Exodus Pt. 7: Ipuwer A Rich Man (2)

    This is the show from Friday, May 12th, 2017


    * Historical Evidence for the Exodus: Bob Enyart and Fred Williams continue their series on the evidence for the Exodus and they conclude a two-show mini-series on Ipuwer's papyrus which records the observations of an eyewitness to the ten plagues, the destruction of the nation, and the transfer of wealth from the rich to the slaves of Egypt. Forty times in the eight pages of the English translation does Ipuwer repeat that the servants of the land now have the riches of their masters, explicitly testifying to that same extraordinary happening as recorded in Moses' Exodus and prophesied by God in Genesis!

    * Parts 1 – 6 and the Written List:
    - Part 1 and the list both at
    - Part 2
    - Part 3
    - Part 4
    - Part 5
    - Part 6 Ipuwer 1
    - Part 7 Ipuwer 2 (this program).

    * Today's Resources: All available from our, the guys recommend:
    - Mahoney's stunningly beautiful Patterns of Evidence
    - Enyart's Mount Moriah: Evidence for the Resurrection
    - and Bob's Bible Tour of Israel.

    Our BEL videos are far (far, far, far ) from the production quality of Tim's superb work. But like his Patterns, they too are chock full of important and fascinating information corroborating the historicity of the Scriptures!
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    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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