Media's runnin' outta words! Canít say this; canít say that...

This is the show from Wednesday, April 5th, 2017


Bob Enyart reports on the religion-based murder over in India where Muslims are being lynched by Hindu extremists. Funny thing though. The media cannot refer to Hindu extremists any more than they can refer to Islamic extremism. And many outlets can't even mention "terrorism" nor hate phrases like male and female, the opposite sex, and mankind. So now, how are they going to find ways to continue to condemn Christian fundamentalists if they can't even mention us? Ha! If they keep going like this, banning all the words and phrases that are politically incorrect, soon enough, theyíll be gagging themselves and have prepped for Judgment Day when every tongue will be stopped and every knee shall bow to Jesus Christ. Also, Bob talks about the mathematical absurdity of reincarnation and of the theory of evolution.