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Thread: Sherman's Pick 3/20/17

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    Sherman's Pick 3/20/17


    Rocketman lays down the smack!

    Quote Originally Posted by rocketman View Post

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    Why do I have to keep explaining what a debate is???

    I already posted this to you, here it is again:

    When you figure out the fact that you actually have to prove your assertions with facts that is when the debate starts Dave. You have not posted fact one to defend your argument yet there have been at least two people here that are experts in the aerospace field explaining to you with facts, science, photos, videos, et al. and you haven't defended spit.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    All arguments "to the man", or "to the majority", and "to the expert" will be considered logical fallacies and dismissed by me.

    Do whatever you please Dave but, when you dismiss science, math, physics, and any semblance of logic and reason the logical fallacy is your own.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    Good arguments in favor of globe earth that are made in regard to flat earth are what I want to see.

    Why, thus far plenty of evidence has been presented that proves your theory is not only debunked but, quite an embarrassing position.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    I would like to see if flat earth can be defeated in an acceptable way with out using thought experiment and assumptions that all physics and all astronomy simply affirm the static quo. There are a number of contradictions in globe earth and we went to the moon that do not make any sense at all.

    So, because people have attempted to use science to prove a bogus theory (evolution) it somehow makes all science bogus? that is just absurd especially since science can be used to prove the creation model as well, and has, ever heard of Chuck Missler or Dr.Mark Eastman? they lectured on "The Creator Beyond Time & Space" back in the 90's and used all the physical & biological sciences to prove their point. Rejecting genuine science because people have attempted to pervert science is not the answer.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    I will point out all contradictory and imagined thought projections that prove nothing.

    Then you had better start with your own contradictory and imagined thought projections that prove nothing, which is most of what you have proposed in rejection of actual facts.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    The theory of evolution is all about imagined evidence that prove nothing. I want to make sure that my cosmology is not built on the same.

    We are not talking about evolution Dave, and deciding that actual science is false because one piece of it is built on a lie does not make all science suspect.

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    I will make the case for flat earth and you can make it for the globe model.

    Please begin... I have been waiting for the indisputable facts that can be scientifically tested to be presented. You haven't showed us anything yet except conspiracy theory nonsense that is devoid of facts. Your theory has to be tested, how do you intend to show us the science that proves your theory?

    Originally Posted by DFT_Dave
    Name calling is not an argument, make your point without them or go away.

    I haven't called you any names unless you consider ignoramus to be a pejorative. In this case it is not, it is a descriptive term given to one that lacks, or rejects knowledge. You can be the judge whether that term fits or not...

    ​My sincere congrats on a good job.

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