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    Quote Originally Posted by kmoney View Post
    I imagine there are recipients who have family that would be capable of providing more. I know for my own family, I have a sick uncle that is getting government support. Could we gather more of our own resources to help, even if not 100%? Probably. But the gov't program is there. I wonder how many people use gov't programs without really seeking family help. There will always be people that fall through the cracks and need support but I'm sympathetic to the view that families should/could do more. Especially as caring for your family is a major Christian value. It isn't easy to define true need though. Especially without the gov't getting intrusive.
    You know who does it well? The Mormons. When hurricane Katrina hit, the rapid response of Mormons was impressive.

    So yes, family, for the most part, is best. Except when it isn't, which happens a lot. Sometimes families could do better, sometimes, it's just not possible, either because of the givers or because of the recipients.

    Here's where that sort of rugged individualism comes in: many elders would rather die than have to depend on their kids. They won't tell their kids when they're struggling, they don't want to admit to their increasing frailty and they don't want to be a burden on their families. I know from experience from working with elders in my own family, and because I know just how difficult it can be, I already know when I get to that point I don't want to be a burden on my own kids. It's tough for the elderly in our society. We're not collectivized, we're an individualistic society, and this is one of the drawbacks.
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