The Activist Mommy flogs Mark Zuckerberg on BEL

This is the show from Wednesday, March 1st, 2017


Bob Enyart interviews long-time BEL friend Elizabeth Johnston whom Facebook apologized to (sort of) after restoring her The Activist Mommy page of 76,000 followers and 13 million video views! Of course, that backhanded apology, they claimed that it was a "mistake", came after the New York Times, Fox News, the Daily Mail, etc., reported on Facebook's discrimination against her. Thankfully, Mrs. Johnston, wife of successful Ohio author and personhood activist Dr. Patrick Johnston, is speaking at this week's NRB and will talk to the Facebook representatives there about other Christians whom FB is discriminating against, including our own account. (See content from that page pasted just below!)

* More Facebook Anti-Conservative Christian Bias? In light of the news that Facebook slants trending news stories to the left, removing Ted Cruz reports, etc., Bob Enyart tells the audience that Facebook is rejecting his State of Colorado issued Driver's License as a valid form of identification. After Facebook erroneously took down conservative Christian Bob Enyart's personal FB page using the excuse that he was not Bob Enyart and that he was someone impersonating Bob Enyart, Bob appealed that decision. Facebook responded saying that Bob could show that he really was Bob Enyart by scanning and emailing to them a government-issued photo ID. See below Bob's driver's license that he sent to Facebook, and a FB representative, "Rice", responded that Enyart's Colorado Driver's License does not meet their standard as government issued identification. Right. Because. Enyart. Is. A. Conservative.

* See Facebook Refusing Conservative Pastor's Driver's License as a Valid Form of ID: Bob had not blanked out, as below, his photo and details on the repeated emails to Facebook of his Colorado Drivers License...