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Thread: I Stand With Israel ?

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    I Stand With Israel ?

    As the Jews progress towards re-establishing their country as prophecy tells us they would, more and more Christians expect the orthodox Jews to rebuild the temple which will also fulfil prophecy. The Levitical Priests have already been trained in how to carry out the sacrificial offerings and the process of choosing the High Priest has also begun. All of this can be researched on the web.

    Since 1948 when Israel first declared they were an independent nation they have since become at least the sixth most powerful nation on Earth and continue to grow stronger, just as prophecy says they will become the most powerful of nations once again before Jesus returns.

    While Israel have a democratic government the orthodox priests hold a great deal of power and currently have power over the government in some respects as priests are exempt from national service and the draft. Of course the High Priest will also be exempt and will controls the orthodox priests and the temple. He will be one of the most powerful men in all the World, holding sway over a superpower.

    He will also be prophesying that Messiah Ben Joseph from the tribe of Ephraim will becoming to save the Jewish people and take over the world but of course will be a false prophecy and will make him the most powerful false prophet in the world. The Bible says that before Jesus returns there will be a false prophet! Could this be him? While I love Israel and the Israeli people, just remember this next time you think of supporting Israel and their re-establishment rather than supporting the message of Jesus Christ to the Israeli people.

    Just saying
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