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Thread: Real Science Radio's List of List Shows

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    Real Science Radio's List of List Shows

    RSR's List of List Shows

    This is the show from Friday, February 17th, 2017


    Real Science Radio hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams talk through the astounding scientific discoveries and evidence that fill their popular list shows, such as their List of Not So Old Things, their List of Fine Tuning Evidence, and their List of Creation Science Predictions. The guys mention about 20 list shows and 10 more in the planning stages and ask for input on ideas and priorities from the audience.

    Telethon Update: Bob reported on this program that we've reached $8,500, but we're now at over $9,000 of our vital $30,000 goal in our annual February telethon! So THANK YOU so much to everyone who has given so generously! As a gift for a donation of $100 or more or for signing up for our monthly subscription (call 800-8Enyart or go to we'll send you a Thank You gift of Walt Brown's book In the Beginning AND of Bob's Big Bang video!

    * RSR's Popular LIST SHOWS: We hope you enjoy our tradition of occasionally updating the great information in our classic RSR List Shows! Here are some of our favorites:
    - RSR's List of Not So Old Things
    - List of Evidence Against the Big Bang
    - List of Big Bang Predictions (try Googling those 3 words!)
    - List of Fine Tuning Evidence
    - List of Scholars Doubting Darwin
    - List of Creation Science Predictions (try Googling that too!)
    - List of Shocked Evolutionists
    - List of Solar System Formation Problems
    - List of Papers that Shock Potheads
    - List of Carbon 14 Everywhere it Shouldn't Be
    - List of Dinosaur Soft Tissue Discoveries
    - List of Answers to Hydroplate Objections
    - List of Proofs for the Genius of Ancient Man
    - List of Missing Transitional Fossils
    - List of Genomes that Just Don't Fit
    - List of Fresh Fossils
    - List of Solar System Transient Events
    - List of Creationist Fathers of Science
    - List of Recovered Brain Dead Patients [not yet RSR-ized]
    - List of Whale Evolution Problems

    * Possible RSR List Shows: Please suggest an RSR List Show topic to Bob and Fred are considering shows like the following. (Links go to material already on our site that would form the basis for these programs):
    - RSR's List of Evidence for the Exodus
    - List of Galaxy Formation Problems
    - List of Things Atheists Believe by Blind Faith
    - List of Brain Dead Folks who Recovered
    - List of the Animals that were on the Ark
    - List of Atheists Saying the Funniest Things
    - List of Politically Correct Science Predictions
    - List of Rapidly Changing "Ancient" Geologic Features
    - List of False Things Taught in School (includes BFAB above)
    - List of Multiplied Things that Evolved Multiple Times
    - List of the Bible's Scientific Statements (starting with Michael Shermer denying that the Sun is a light)
    - List of Proofs of the Immaterial (laws of logic and grammar; math and the Pythagorean Theorem; reason and use the Enyart postulate).

    WARNING: Graphic video here.

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    All these science "problems" therefore Genesis. Nice try, Pastor Bob.

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